World Is Getting Better and Better


It is contrary to those assertions which were made by radical protesters of the Extinction Rebellion movement. According to his claim, we are all facing some unprecedented global emergency. We think about death or life situation. But it is also a fact that the World Is Actually Getting better and Better .

As many scientists have focused on this issue. One of the English science journalists Matt Ridley also writes in the London Spectator. According to him, human living standards were best in the 21st century. So we can say that the 21st century has better living standards despite purported catastrophic warming. There are many factors for a better living standard of people Ridley has pointed out some reasons. People were living in poverty at the time of his birth in 1958. After that, there was some improvement in the living standard of people. However, It has been observed that this figure was decreased by 10 percent in the second decade of the 21st century. He has pointed out the same reasons for these improvements. One of its reasons is Global inequality in Africa and Asia that can experience fast economic growth than Europe and North America. In the early days, there was a high level of child mortality due to missing facilities. So the child mortality rate has been decreased due to economic growth in Asia and Africa. However, we can notice a declining level in some other diseases like polio, disease, and malaria. So it is good news for the common public as there is some control over certain diseases. Ridley has explained that when we use the planet, we may get some sustainability. Further, he explained some reasons for the production of goods and services. Although there is no relation between carbon dioxide and temperature of earth, some research show some relation between a country’s wealth and people flourish.

Their populations also tend to be better educated and are better able to anticipate, adapt to, and respond to natural disasters than people in poorer societies. And the cornerstone of growing prosperity and decreasing penury around the globe during the 20th and early 21st centuries has been the development and use of fossil fuels.

Therefore, It is a common observation that people who live in some wealthier societies remain healthy. Due to a better economic position, the death rate of early childhood at an early age is low. So we can say that due to social and economic inequalities people can suffer in this world. If people have all resources then they will be able to complete education. Further people with proper resources can be in a position to respond to any natural disasters. However, growing prosperity and decreasing penury is due to developments and the use of fossil fuels.

As we know that fossils fuels are the basics of agriculture. There is great use of fossils fuels as these can be used in tractors and trucks.  The trucks and tractors are widely used in agriculture. The tractors are used to harvest crops. The trucks are usefull to transport the agricultural stock to markets. Further, the uses of fossils fuels can be seen in refrigeration and dry storage units. It will allow crops to keep the products safe without spoiling.

Fossil fuels are the foundation of medicine. As we know it has reduced infant mortality and increased lifespans. Further health care depends on sterile plastics that are made from fossil fuels also. For Example, IV drip bags and tubing, medical machinery, electronics casings, and syringes are made up of these materials.

As we know that hospitals, operating rooms, ambulance, and clinics remain open 24 hours per day.  Medical refrigeration units, laser scalpels, CT scanning machines, MRIs, X-rays ventilators, incubators, and lights also require reliable electric power.
Research can show many people died as a result of extreme weather events, have been falling over the past century.

It is estimated that there were 45 % of the world population lived in poverty in 1981. The poverty rate has been decreased to 10 % in 2015. United Nations has presented a report about poverty. According to the report, the suffering of people from persistent hunger has been decreased by 2 million since 1990. Research can show that there is 17 % more food available if we make an estimation of per person.

The world was researching some climatic factors for almost 20 years rather than educating the youth.  So it is a fact that climate is not a cause of death. It is due to the presence of fossil fuels. However, the climate has affected human life but it is not the major reason for death for the population. So It is another fact that climate discussion has some issues. There are some issues for us that we take some climate as dangerous and we make it safe and sometimes we take a safe climate and make it dangerous for life,

However, more people can approach the climate issue then they can see the real facts about the climate. Climate is changing day by day. It is improving and it is making life easier for the population. However, there are some issues like diseases and hunger. So there is a need for some fighting diseases and promoting freedom.


On this page, we have seen that the world is changing day by day. There were many problems for the population to live a healthy life in the early days. There were no resources for people as they had to struggle. There was high mortality rate of infants and heart disease. But due to economic growth in the world, there is a noticeable decrease in the baby mortality rate. Some improvement in the fields of medicines has been seen so people are able to live healthy and long life. There was an issue of hunger for population throughout the world. But due to economic growth, its level has been decreased. Further, we can see the usage of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels can be important for agriculture and it has shown its effect on the agriculture field. Further, there is an improvement of all instruments of medical treatments due to fossil fuels.