Why Disney World has Rare Power Outages

Disney World has Rare Power

Whenever a person goes for a trip, the very first thing he would be conscious about is the interruption by any means. These interruptions can be anything like shortage of some valuable thing, running out of your car, your friend starts not feeling well any many more. Same as that, if you’re planning to have a trip to the Walt Disney World, you would be expecting to have a bright shining sun to light the whole city with its bright rays without any interruption of the clouds.

Along with these expectations, you would never imagine that there can be electricity interruption resulting to go off the power when you’re waiting in line for the Space mountain ride. Because the Disney World isn’t a small park but a whole like a city where power outages can’t be imagined. But it is said that you can’t fight with the nature no matter how much powerful you are.

So, a recent storm in the Disney world had some other plans to clear these imaginations in the minds of people. That storm threatens that extreme weather can be extremely dangerous as it can even throw off the lights from the Disney World as well.

Disney World Fight with Nature

In return, Disney World has done home work for such conditions as well. In the reply of extreme weather conditions, Disney world has back up plans to do in some emergency like power outages. That’s why power outages at the Disney world are so much rare to see. Let me tell you how.

Basically, the Disney world has a structure which is more like a city center instead of a district. They have made its setup and whole infrastructure on the industrial pattern. And in the industrial areas, you don’t see soft breakable powerlines hanging around the streets such that even a fall of tree can break the power lines resulting in taking off the light of the whole block.


Robert Niles who is the editor at ThemeParkInsider.com said that in the lightning capital of the world, Disney World has built so many systems redundancies that they can even handle the burden of millions of visitors in a year. Not only these system redundancies but also it generates a huge amount of power by the help of its solar setups. These solar setups are also the backup plans of Disney world.

In this way, Disney has got some remarkable strategies to fight back with the unpleasant plans of nature. Well, its off topic but do you know, Disney world also get rids of the mosquitoes which is another fight with the nature. Check out that too.

With so much hard work in this area, now they are confident in saying that if there is another high terrifying storm and its lighting strikes right on the transformer – they are able to even handle that situation. Though Disney can and will definitely lose electricity power, but they are in high command and able to manage that whole stuff in no time. So, you don’t have to wait long for your turn at the mountain ride. Feeling great, aren’t you?

Final Words

So, don’t be so much conscious about the electricity outage at Disney World as it will not last long even if the electricity goes down. So, pack your bags and get ready to explore the beauty of Disney world without any interruption in your precious trip. Let me tell you a secret, do you know there are some secret spots as well which aren’t discovered by many people yet? Go and find out those.