What is a Notary and What Does a Notary Do

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Table of Contents

• Notary Duties & Responsibilities
• Salary
• Education, Training, & Certification
• Notary Skills & Competencies
• Job Outlook
• Work Environment
• Work Schedule
• Comparing Similar Jobs

A licensed notary is a lucrative, employable and professional position. It is also called the notary public. Although duties as a notary vary, it plays an essential role in signing an agreement with the different countries like the United States.

• Notary Duties & Responsibilities

Notaries and notary signing agents can manage the witness signatures on documents. We are going to describe some notary duties and responsibilities that are givn below.

  • Having legally binding signatures

  • It affirms the state of mind of all signees.

  • It can identify any fraud and coercion

  • It completes the notarial certificate on all documents

  • It involves the administration oaths

  • It can handle any affidavits, contracts, loan documents, and legal documents.


To become a notary is a rewarding job, and it enjoys as you can manage some legal documents and official agreements. Any person related to this profession is taking the annual salary of $19000 -$51000.In some cases, the notaries can make the payment of per signature or per documents.

• Education, Training, & Certification

1. Education:

There is a need of simple qualifications, and in some countries like the United States, there is a need to pass an exam to become a notary. There are different standards in each country and state. Some requirements may include the minimum age of 18 years and no criminal records.

2. Certificate

There is no specific certificate for this, and it requires a simple application. There will be an extra fee when the notary performs as the notary agent.

3. Training

There are some specific training for a notary, and you can also get help from online courses from the national notary association website. You can get the best online course for notary.

• Notary Skills & Competencies

There are some standard requirements of skills for a notary as required for legal secretaries. Some skills are given below,

1. Verification:

There is some verification for everything in front of them before making any signatures. So the notary person can check the identification of both parties. All the regulation of notaries applies to the state level.

2. Record Keeping

Laws require to keep all the records of notaries in the journal. So it is the primary obligation of notaries to keep the names, times and locations. Both party information is recorded. So record keeping is necessary for a notary.

3. Familiarity with Legal Documents

Every document like a loan, passports, and affidavits are legal documents. You should know the identification of people signing notary responsibilities as well as familiar with these documents.

4. Flexibility:

Many notaries have to travel for their customers, so this profession requires some flexibility. It is necessary to work with a customer’s schedule and location.

• Job Outlook

If there are more notaries in some areas, then there will be lower demand for that person otherwise in some regions and states it is challenging to find a notary. So due to high demand, the notaries earn more income as they pay higher charges. However, in some areas, mail-carrying storefronts can supply the service so their demand may be low in these areas.

• Work Environment & Schedule

Notaries work in a traditional office, and their environment is always the same as the conventional office. However, Self-employed notary has many chances of mobility. They can work as per the customer requirements and timings. They can work even at night time. The work schedule of a notary can be flexible as it maybe 9 to 5 office job.