Things You May Not Know About the Black Ladybug

Black Ladybug

Most people are a fan of flying insects of any kind, but there are a lot of folks who will happily make an exception for the ladybug. These pretty little spotted bugs are undeniably cute, but they are also a little more complicated than you might imagine. We are all aware of the red ladybugs with the back spots, but those are not the only varieties that are out there. All told, there are in fact roughly 5,000 different species of ladybug, including the black variety that is all one color, as well as black species with just a couple of smaller dots. Let’s see what else we can learn about the black ladybug.

  • Black ladybug names – Depending on where you live or the specific type of ladybug, the name you hear being used may be different. Sometimes, you will hear them referred to as Harlequin ladybugs, while others will go under the name of the twice-stabbed ladybug. These generally refer to ladybugs that have some sort of red marking, usually 2 or 4 red spots. There are also round, helmet-shaped bugs that are totally black, which brings us back to the stunning variety of species out there.
  • Other insects hate black ladybugs – While they may look good to us, black ladybugs are not considered a delicious treat by other insects and predators. Back ladybugs may not have the colorful markings that their siblings do, but they still secrete a rather nasty cocktail that makes them unpleasant to the taste.
  • They are not great houseguests – That foul-smelling secretion that we talked about not only helps keep predators away, it can also prove to be problematic if you get a black ladybug infestation in your home. Having one in your house is not a big issue, but when a family takes root and starts laying eggs, those secretions can begin to seep into fabrics and furniture to make for a rather unpleasant experience.
  • The black ladybug’s home – When talking specifically about the twice-stabbed black ladybug (the one with just two small red dots), we have a very good idea of where you can expect to find them when you are out and about. Most commonly, they are found in the United States and Canada, although no further west than the Sierra Nevada’s. They can also be found in Hawaii. You may see similar looking ladybugs in California, but those would be the two-stabbed variety. The name and appearance may be similar, but these are in fact different species.

As you can see, there is a lot to learn about these humble little creatures, and we are only now scratching the surface. The next time one lands on you, be aware that they cannot really harm you. Even of they do give you a little bite when they are hungry, the worst that will happen is that you will have a little red bump as a reminder for a couple of days, as they are not poisonous to humans.