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SONY’s Mistake To Break Ties with MCU

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All of us know that we hate to besmirch the paragon of good taste that brought us the cinematic classic the emoji movie. But what on earth is Sony thinking? hooking up with Marvel Studios and Disney was one of the best things they’ve done recently, and just like that this one’s lucrative partnership is all over.

Yeah, that’s right. The Marvel Cinematic Universe will have to go on now without Spider Man. And we have a feeling Sony will be left scrambling with the character they’ve already proven they’re unsure what to do with. We’ll talk about how the mutual deal went all wrong. And just what makes Sony so sure they can pull this off.

Every superhero has to have a ridiculous and over the top origin story and the movie rights to Spider Man our comic book level convoluted. There was a time when Sony Pictures and Disney were working together to bring us the quality Spider Man contents that we owe so crave.

Their deal allowed Peter bunker to swing into the MCU made both Sony and Disney a whole lot of money. But just as Avengers endgame became the highest grossing film of all time, our sweet Peter Parker was ripped away from his home in the MC you.

The Agreement

The current agreement between Disney and Sony ended with Spider Man far from home and now both companies sat down to renegotiate their deal going forward. Allegedly, Disney offered a 5050 co financing agreement, but Sony turned that down immediately and countered with an offer of their own.

Sources also claimed they proposed keeping the current agreement in which marble receives a mere 5% of the first dollar gross. Now it was time for Disney to say No way. And the two companies were forced to part ways when they couldn’t come to an agreement.

So, back in 1998, Sony was offered the rights to some Marvel heroes that you might have heard about like by Iron Man for Black Panther, Ant Man and spider man for the low price of $25 million.

Sony flat out said nobody cares about any hero besides Spider Man and left the other characters behind taking possession of the movie rights for spider man for just 10 million bucks. But to put into perspective, what a shrewd business deal this was, Disney would go on to pay $4 billion for those characters in 2010 when they acquired Marvel Entertainment .

But Sony’s acquisition of spider man came with a special stipulation, namely that they would have to keep making Spider Man movies or the rights would revert back to marvel. So, rather than turn out yet another bad Spider Man movie or lose the rights to the character, they worked out do the devil. We mean Disney.

So what makes Sony so sure that get Spider Man right this time.

Although critics didn’t love venom, it made over $856 million at the box office and became the seventh highest grossing film of 2018. Then there’s Spider Man and to the spider verse, which was a genuinely good movie. And the let’s not underestimate how successful Spider Man far from home was.

And, Sony simply doesn’t have the track record necessary for us to feel confident in their ability to do justice to Tom Holland Spider Man, which has been so impeccably handled up until this point, or maybe we’re still traumatized what they did to our former favorite Spider Man, Tobey Maguire and Spider Man 3.

So, do you think Sony made a massive mistake by shutting the MCU. Already, think they have what it takes to make more great superhero movies.