Randy Rainbow Offers Trump Some Sardonic Campaign Advice in Epic 'Beauty and the Beast' Parody Video

Randy Rainbow andTrump

Although the impeachment trial of Donald Trump begins very soon, the president is also dealing with criticism from other sources. Apparently, there’s a lot of criticism related to the abuse of power related to the Ukrainian scandal. On top of that, the attack on Iran also brought in major issues. As you can imagine, lots of comedians started to make fun of the president and Randy Rainbow is offering some advice, in this own way of course.

On January 20th Randy Rainbow actually released a song parody on YouTube, named “That Don”. The idea here is that he’s roasting the hopes of being re-elected for Donald Trump. Instead, he focuses a lot on the numerous scandals that happened recently. And the cool thing is that he does all of that using the tune of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast.

This video is magnificent and it sums up quite well the entire conundrum and challenges that Trump is currently dealing with. You get to see Randy Rainbow in his fake interviews with the president. He shares his fake congratulations to the president because he is the third one that the House of Representatives is impeaching.

An interesting thing is that the president is showing his frustrations during the interview. And that’s when Randy breaks into song. He is showing off all the bad things that happened recently to Trump. Then he encourages people, obviously in a fake way, to go and vote for him in 2020 as he is the right solution. It’s a very funny set of lyrics, and it clearly shows what a lot of people are feeling right now. None of the presidents close to being impeached were able to achieve re-election, so many believe that Donald Trump might not have that many chances if he wants to be re-elected.

Towards the middle and the end of the song, Randy Rainbow shifts to his Gaston costume, and he continues to mock the president the best way that he can. He is listing the weak points of Donald Trump, while also focusing on things like narcissism, racism and misogyny, among many others. It’s a great insight into what people feel about the president. Plus, Randy Rainbow’s performance is very impressive because it combines sarcasm with lots of worries that things can end up being very challenging.

You can see the Randy Rainbow “That Don” video here. It’s a very good parody and comedic video with lots of interesting ideas and touches. You never really know what you can expect when it comes to sarcastic videos related to the president, but Randy Rainbow manages to be funny while still covering many of the current issues related to the president. It’s an interesting take on our current day politics with a very good twist. You should consider watching this video right away, it’s a lot of fun and a great way to see just how tricky the situation is for the current US president!