Investing in Real Estate How to start as a clueless Beginner

Investing in Real Estate How to start as a clueless Beginner

Many of us didn’t even know the meaning of real estate. It’s a right over the property, land, building, air rights, and rights above and below the land. There are four types of real estate i.e. commercial, residential, industrial, and land which include a working farm, ranch, and vacant land. People make quick and easy money in just one deal. Buying and selling property is a common business nowadays. If you are eager to invest money and new in the field of real estate. Beware because thousands of people are in this business for years. Proper learning and knowledge of real estate business are necessary. You must follow some important steps to get benefits. Here we have gathered those steps for you to get benefit from your invested money.

Increase your knowledge

Knowledge of the real estate business counts a lot if you want to excel in this field. A little mistake can cost you millions of money loss. Read books on real estate investing methods. Learn about the old sharks in the ocean of real estate. Remain up to date with the news, podcasts, and contact with other investors to get an advantage from their experience.

Be sure about your goals

Setting goals is important in the real estate business. Clear a few questions in your mind. Do you want to keep real estate earning as a side business earning? Are you planning to make money for early retirement? Or you want to set up a proper real estate business. Plan your goals and income. This will let you choose the most appropriate strategy for your real estate business.

Choose the right investing strategy

To gain entry into real estate chooses the right investment strategy. Look at the period and income you are investing then decide which strategy you will follow.


In crowdfunding, developers take small investments from various investors to increase capital rather than asking one investor for a huge investment. It is good for those who have little money to invest.

House hacking

House Hacking is when you live in the property and rent out some of its parts like spare rooms to get rent. You can also buy a multifamily house and can put on rent each unit separately. This will help you to live free or by spending little money.


In this real estate investing strategy, the investors buy a property at a low price. Repair it and sell it at a bit higher price. For this strategy, you need additional money to renovate the house. But this strategy could be fruitful if the property is bought and sold quickly.


The wholesaler searches for the deal and comes on a contract with the seller. Then they find a buyer. He sells the contract to the buyer with more than the actual amount. Pay money to the seller and keep the profit as his fee. This strategy is workable if you are efficient in finding good deals. No other charges are required like for renovation etc. good communication with investors is required along with patience and good research.

Buy and hold

Under this strategy, people buy a single-family house and rent it out. They hold it on rent for longer. This strategy doesn’t give you immediate income but does get some profit. Some people rent out their residence when decide to move somewhere else. If you want to follow this strategy in the future, then buy your next house by keeping in view the details. Another thing investor do is buying a multi-family property. Such a building has more than one unit. Each unit can be rent out separately. You can also fuse house Hacking strategy in this.

Buy and hold vacation rentals

Instead of getting into long term rental contracts, you can also put your property on vocational rent. Like if somebody needs a building for one or two months.

Calculate the money you need

Carry out proper research on all the strategies and see how much money is required to follow a specific strategy. For example, wholesaling doesn’t require investment. The same is with crowdfunding. While flipping requires some initial investments.

Make a plan

Once you have chosen the investing strategy, planning becomes compulsory. Proper planning is necessary for a business to run successfully. The plan, however, should not be difficult. Just take out a pen and write down points like goals, strategy to follow, the time required, target market, property criteria, backup plans, marketing plan, and financing options. To get your plan done you can get help from books or consult real estate agents. Your plan should also include the deadlines to meet and how much to earn each month. By planning deadlines, you will be able to finish the task before time.

Began to save money

To buy property savings are important. You can save money by cutting down expenses, selling expensive stuff, raising funds, or by saving from your monthly income. To speed up the plan you can also find an investor who can spend money but doesn’t have time to do work. Partnership with such person will save you time, money and you only need to put the effort from your side. But be sure to come into a legal contract with your partner or hire an attorney for legal protection.

Find the best location

The location of your property counts a lot in this matter. Because if you are buying property near your house it will be in front of your eyes. You will be able to maintain it by yourself, finding a buyer will be easy as you are familiar with the market of your area. While on the other hand for long-distance properties you need a caretaker, the market is unfamiliar, and you have to depend on other agents to find deals. The decision lies in your satisfaction. Whether you want your property to be maintained by others or you want to find deals yourself. The answer to these will help to decide.

Deals analyzation

When you get a deal make an essential analysis. It is important to see whether the property will give a profitable return or not. There are many rules to analyze the deal but these three are the immediate ones:

  • Monthly rent should be equal to 1 or 2% of the property price.
  • 50% of the after-mortgage income will fulfil property expenses
  • 70% of the payment should be of the value of the property after repairs.

Team building

The beginners in real estate business often want to work alone. But working in a team will get more benefit to the business. Your team must include a legal advisor or attorney, real estate agent, lender, CPA, title company, property manager, contractor, and escrow officer. Socialize with other experienced investors because they can be a good teacher. You can learn from their experience and they can provide you with funding or investment when needed.

It’s time to buy the deal

When you have gone through all the above step you can now make your first investment. But before buying inspect the property carefully. Take into account minor details and neighbourhood. These things are very important if you want to resale the property with much profit.

Property management

If you are going to flipping the property, then quickly take necessary measures. Renovate it quickly by hiring a contractor. So, you can put up for sale instantly. For renting, however, you need to manage it for long term use. Also, If the property is near to your house, you can maintain it by yourself. But if not then find a service provider for maintenance.

Create a system

After getting your first deal successful. You may want to go for more and many. Once you are prepared to handle multiple deals create a proper system with employees and managers. Do your marketing by using your social network or through emails.


So here we have the steps that could help you out in the real estate business. Hope you will find these steps workable to gain profit. The real estate business is not a tough work to do. It only has hindrances which we need to remove by following these simple steps.