How to make money proofreading

How to make money proofreading

Are you in the habit of making corrections whenever encounter grammatical mistake in creative writing? If so then you can surely get freelance proofreading jobs from home. With little training and guidance, you can make money proofreading. Proofreading is basically to read the provided document carefully. Making corrections where needed. The document passes through the eyes of proofreaders before getting published. It is his responsibility to make documents free from spelling and grammatical errors. Thus, it is a job of great responsibility.

There is a difference between editor and proofreader. The editor is responsible for cutting and adding important paragraphs, phrases, and sentences in the written content. On the other hand, for final reading that document comes to a proofreader to check any error left unseen by an editor. Here we will discuss a few points that will polish you to become a professional proofreader and help you make money proofreading.

What should a proofreader charge?

Proofreaders can charge up to $44 per hour but many of them are charging as low as $.02 per word. There are 20 Ways to Make $100 in a Single Day with proofreading online. As your experience increases so is your worth. Because it will enhance your skills and knowledge. Also, remember if you are proofreading and adding some more information to the content to make it more interesting. Then you will be doing developmental editing for which you have to charge extra money. So be sure what standard of proofreading services you are providing. This is how you can make money proofreading with your increasing experience.

Skills necessary for proofreading

If you are eager to work and want to make money proofreading then you must acquire the required skills. A good proofreader must know the business. He or she should be able to actively communicate with writers to clear any point that is unclear in the document. He should check the authenticity of the information given in the document. Good command of grammar and the English language is required. Must meet the deadlines as this work requires fast and good standard service. Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Word is essential. He should be able to work on minute details and comfortably work on digital as well as print media.

Confine yourself to a decided niche

Proofreading is a vast working field. First, you have to decide on the proofreading niche. It engulfs print media, academic, transcript, marketing material, translation, and legal transcript proofreading. Print media proofreading includes newspapers, books, online, and printed publications. You need to check the spelling, grammatical, and formatting problems. Proofreading marketing material is very much in trend nowadays. Companies spend a lot of money on their advertisements. So, a little mistake in the content can ruin everything. Such companies hire professional proofreaders to eliminate mistakes in their ads, emails, and press releases. In academic proofreading citations and references are also checked in assignments.

In translation proofreading, the accuracy of meaning and context of translation is kept intact. This niche demand grip on the language to be translated. The podcast and YouTube hosts sometimes transcribe their audio and need it to be checked by a proofreader. Such proofreading is called transcript proofreading in which the proofreader checks the sense of sentence making and format it rightly. Legal transcript proofreading is a bit tough. Apart from grammatical and spelling mistakes, proofreaders have to check the accuracy of the court reporter transcript. He does so by putting punctuations at the correct place. So, you have to decide which niche is more effective for you to make money proofreading.

Training is essential for beginners

As mentioned earlier specific skills are necessary for proofreading. So, join a course or training institute if you want to make money proofreading faster. Some people do not aware of dos and don’ts of the proofreading. Online quizzes on Chicago and AP style helps to test yourself through a quiz. But still, it is not enough. Pyle set a course with the name “transcript proofreading: theory and practice”. This course gives students basic skills of proofreading, how to set up a business, and attract clients. They give you a certificate after completion of course.

Learn the proofreading tools

The most important thing is the tools that you are going to use for proofreading. Many software for checking plagiarism are available online. Grammarly helps to fix grammatical errors. Pro writing aid that focuses on the structure and context of the content. Hemingway App helps to make sentences clearer where needed. AP Stylebook, Chicago Manual of style, Dreyer’s English by Benjamin Dreyer, and the element of style are some of the resources. They could help in proofreading documents accurately.

Important facts to consider

The best thing about earning money through proofreading is that it can also be done online. You can make money proofreading from the comfort of your home. In this way, you get freedom and can work according to the planned schedule. Moreover, you can also do some other works for earning extra money or can work with multiple companies. However, it has some disadvantages as well. It doesn’t guarantee a client who will work every month with you. Finding clients and getting their confidence is a bit tough job initially. Also, the earning is limited you cannot earn more than $50 per hour. So, you have to do some other job along with it. Although there are some advantages and disadvantages of proofreading online. But to make money proofreading is an interesting source of income.


Many companies around the world want their content to be free from error. Thus, they hire professional proofreaders to bring their content up to standard. Clear your goals by deciding whether you want to start your own business or to work through a site. But how to apply for jobs online. Upwork, Fiver, Indeed, LinkedIn are some of the sites that could help you make money proofreading online. Make sure the site you chose to work with should be reliable and clear payments on time. Because in the end, it’s your effort and hard work which should be paid timely.