How to choose the right camera for your photography style

women hold a camera

What are the best lenses and cameras for specific photography style? That is not forever a simple question to answer. The last few years we have brought a wave of revolution in the field of digital photography, from the emergence of top standard smartphone cameras to the mirrorless technology. With so many choices accessible to buy or rent, it is an amazing time to be a photographer. Here is a look at the best pieces of gear that prove their value time and again.

Best camera and lenses for travel photography

If your specialty is travel photography, then we advise the Canon EOS 6D body.

This complete frame DSLR is made for everything from wildlife to landscape photography, but do not discount it for travel shots. With a built-in WiFi and GPS, it will support you to navigate new locations simply, so you can wander off the beaten path to find those “hidden gem” places. It also has a silent shutter so you can move around without drawing focus to yourself.

This top selling camera is lightweight when matched to similar models and has a stellar ISO range for nighttime, low-light shots.

Best camera and lenses for portrait photography

If your specialty is photographing people, then we advise the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art lens.

This broad-angle prime lens is best for environmental portraits. It most-touted specs contain its right autofocusing and a bright highest aperture. Love those high-contrast, sharp portraits set against a magical bokeh? This is the lens for you. Use a shallow depth of field to separate your subject perfectly from your background.

Best camera and lenses for street photography

If your specialty is street photography, then we advise the Ricoh GR 11 body.

This inconspicuous and slim point-and-shoot fits in your pocket, permitting you to blend into the scene. This camera delivers amazing standard images in a little package. It gathers the ease of a smartphone with the performance of a much bigger group.

As a bonus, it has Wi-Fi features, so you can link and share images as soon as you take them.

Best camera and lenses for drone & Arial photography

For drone photography, we advise the DJI Mavic Pro.

This portable personal drone delivers the standard and flight range you are used to viewing from its bigger cousins. It has a flight time of approximately twenty-seven minutes, much longer than you would expect for drone that weight barely above 1 and half pounds. It can also race at speeds of up to forty miles per hour.

While this drone comes with a designated drone, you can also fly it using the DJI go application on your Smartphone.

Best camera and lenses for fashion photography

If your specialty is fashion photography, then we advise the Nikon D750 body.

While this is a powerful full-frame body, it is simple to hold and would not weight you down. What sets this camera apart is that it is amazing for video as well, and you can switch effortlessly from stills to footage.

The D750 also contains perfect in-camera editing including filter effect and quick retouch.