4 Ways to Get Paid to Take Pictures

4 Ways to Get Paid to Take Pictures


You do not necessarily have to be a professional photographer in order to generate income by taking pictures. You can work and earn independently by taking pictures. However, you can get affiliation with a company and perform photoshoots for their various projects. In this particular ways, you can not only gain exposure and experience but also generate decent revenue. However, in this particular article, we will focus more on four main ways through which you can get paid by doing photoshoots on an individual level and scale.

Sell your pictures with the help of Apps

If you want to get paid for your photoshoots but are not willing to invest a lot, this is the right option for you. Selling your photographs with the help of applications is hassle-free. Plus it does not consume a lot of additional effort and time. Below mentioned are some apps which can benefit you in this way.

EyeEm is an application that allows you to sell your photos quite efficiently online. The EyeEm app reviews your gallery and selects the best quality photos itself. You can then decide whether you want to put them up for auction or not. The application is user-friendly. However, you only get to keep half of the total revenue generated. Foap is another application that provides a similar service and gives you half the payment. Foap although has an additional feature that allows you to submit exactly what a brand is exactly looking for. If they get selected, you will get paid for your photos.

Snapwire application is a little different. On this app, you earn money by participating in creative challenges. When people nominate your picture, you consequently clear the buyer requests and earn 70 percent of the total income. MiPic is one easy application to earn money with. The application checks your picture’s resolutions and chooses pictures accordingly which will print well. The app’s team arranges everything else including printing, publicity, and delivery. However, you will get only 20 percent of the money which is quite low.

Sell stock photos

Another simple way to get paid for taking pictures is via stock photo websites. You will simply upload your content on the website. Relevant companies and hardly will review your work and choose it if it matches their requirements.

Shutterstock is very popular because many people can but your pictures. The application is user-friendly and you will just upload your pictures. The app will give you a hint about what kind of pictures you will need. You will get your income, when the buyers do the purchasing. Adobe Stock is a great website like Pixabay made for selling photos online. The site gives you 33 percent of the overall revenue. As they bought another site some years ago, you will be getting double exposure to your content.

Snapped4U is an application that particularly chooses photos for events and occasions. You just have to upload your images with a price. Customers will buy your work and pay you accordingly.

Getty Images is another site that sells high-quality images. You just need to have a smartphone with a great camera to get good pictures. First, you apply online and if you get the acceptance your content goes live among 1.5 million users. Although it is a competitive process, you can earn up to 45 percent of the total income.

Sell your images as Art

If you find your photos artistic and different from the usual content, you can also try to sell them as art. There are some platforms that offer you this service so you can get paid for your photos.

Etsy is one such platform. It is a widespread online marketplace that people use for buying artwork and handcrafted goods. This marketplace allows you to set up your e-store and sell your work there. You just have to pay a little money before starting up, that’s it. Fotomoto is also a great place to flourish your photography venture. It is basically a service that deals with orders, printing, and shipping for you. It is helpful when you show interest in setting up your own website by Wirecutter for selling pictures. They provide efficient services for your business dealings.

Society6 is like the miPic app. Here you don’t sell your content exactly. What you do is get your content printed on stuff like mugs, shirts, and bottles even canvases. You will just upload your photos and choose what stuff you want to offer for auction. Although it is a good opportunity to get paid for your photography. You only earn 10 percent of the total revenue generated which is quite low.

Create a Photography Blog

You could also earn money by starting a blog page for photography. This might seem a bit challenging in the beginning. But once you tune to a specific pace, you will realize how versatile this idea is. As this will be your own space, you can decide what content to create, upload, and sell. For example, you can write about your whole experience and journey from being an amateur photographer to a professional one.

You can also talk about your themes and aesthetics and even collaborate with different photographers for photoshoots. Collaborating will not only expand your reach but it will also add diversity in your content. You can share photography tricks and tips on your website as well.

Blogs simply generate money when viewers click on advertisements within the blog. Or even when they buy stuff from links attached in blog content and articles. You can easily get publicity if you put consistent efforts into your blog. By providing valuable and unique content, moreover, marketing your blog site well, it can help you earn loads of dollars every month. The content you post is the reason why viewers will attract towards your content. So you should preferably use a good camera. Also, you should have proper photo editing software installed in order to improve your image quality. By keeping these little yet significant points in check, you can successfully generate a good income by selling your photos.


There are numerous ways to generate income by means of selling your photographs. But these aforementioned ways seem to generate income more efficiently and require less input. It is totally up to your own preference and liking that which option is the most suitable and for you.