10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Joker

the Joker

As we know that joker is the archenemy of Batsman and it is one of the original and popular book villains. He has been subjects of some comic book stories like “The Dark Knight Returns” The Killing Joke” and “A Death in the Family. There were some famous actors like Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger. You can see the joker in live-action in “Suicide Squad”. We are going to describe some important things about Jokers.

The Joker Had His Own Comic Book Series

When the joker was successful in Batman comic books in 1973 in “ The Joker’s Five Ways Revenge” then DC Comics has decided to give the own monthly comic book series in 1975. However, the book was not popular among critics and readers. So that is why it was canceled within one year of publication. There was history in the joker series. However, the DC reprinted it. The joker runs in 2013 as a self-contained graphic level.

The Joker Once Had a Sidekick

There were some terrible sidekicks in comic books. The Aquagirl, Krypto, and sidekicks are some worthy aspects of comic books. In 1960, the joker had sidekick Gagsworth A. Gagsworthy or “Gaggy” for short. Galsworthy who ran away from the circus was a dwarf. He was helping the joker to carry out his diabolical crimes. Galsworthy was killed off as he proved to be intolerable.

Controversy on creation of the Character

There was some controversy since 1940 about the joker. According to Bob Kane, some characters were from Batman. However, Jerry Robinson who was the artist of DC Comics worked on issues of Batman comic books. According to his claim about the batman is that he was a person who created the joker. He got some inspiration from a joker playing card. Kane stated in his interview in 1994 that he and Bill Finger have created the Joker. As we know Bill was a writer. However, Jerry Robinson who created the joker is still alive.

The Joker Was Originally Called “Red Hood”

No one knows about the real name of Joker. His real name is Jack Napier. His professional criminal name was Red Hood. People in the streets of Gotham City used to give the name of Jack Napier. At that time he was running low life. However, the “ Red Hood “ moniker is some detail of his past life.

The Joker’s Origin Story First Appeared In 1951

Although there were some different accounts for his real stories. One of the famous tales is “The Killing Joke “. The facts of joker were published in 1951 in Detective Comics.

In 1989, Tim Burton who was the director followed this story in the movie Batman. His first character was Jack Napier. This story is closely from Burton’s film. So we can say that his first story appeared in 1951.

Based On a Character in A Victor Hugo Novel

As we know that Bob Kane was creator the Batman, he got his inspiration from different cards for a joker. There was a character of Joker that is “Gwynplaine “. This inspiration was made from this character “Gwynplaine”. Kane also gave an explanation about this inspiration in his interview. In 1928 Gwynplaine was portrayed by actor Conrad Veidt.

If we look at images of this character “Gwynplaine “ from the movie then we can able to see some resemblance to the Joker. They are very similar. According to Bon Kane, the character was taken from the movie.

The Joker Has Been the Inspiration for Several Roller Coasters

Perhaps it is because the Joker is so dangerous and unpredictable that he is the subject of so many roller coasters. Or maybe it is his colorfulness that makes him ideal for being on a rollercoaster marquee. Whatever the reason, the Joker has inspired many amusement park rides around the world.

It is the big facts about the joker that he has been the inspiration for some roller coasters. In Maryland, you can find the Joker Jinx roller coaster at six flags. There are some features of joker like Six Flags in Mexico City, the Batman Adventure and the Batman Adventure. It has been observed some other Joker themed coasters in other countries like Germany and Spain. This is why the joker is very dangerous. It is unpredictable. He can ideal for his colorfulness. Whatever the reason, he has inspired many people all over the world.

The Joker Was Violent

You will be surprised to know about this fact that Joker was violent at the start. He appeared the first time in 1940. However, he has a violent character from the start of his career. No one can realize this fact about the joker. As Comics code came in 1954 so joker was a cruel murderer. His mission was to shot people with a knife. However, the comic’s code changed all violence. After that clown prince of crime was less violent. In 1960 some comics books. However, he was restored to his ultra- Violent persona.

With Batman from the Beginning

If you are wondered about the joker that how long he played the role of Batman and remain in Gotham city, then you do not need to worry about it. Actually the joker appeared in Batman issue #1 that was published on April 25, 1940. Bob Kane who created the Batman has conceived the joker. There was an idea of a standalone comic book series. He had figured out that an insane clown will be perfect foil for Dark Knight. However, the original script of Batman # 1 was the killing of a joker at the end of the comic book. The editor of DC comics liked his character. He has rewritten the script to show the joker alive. It will help to continue to serve as a foil for.

The Joker Didn’t Appear In Any Comic Books

You will be also surprised that he did not appear in any comic book. He was very popular. The clown prince of crime did not appear in any comic book between 1964 to 1973. Julius Schwartz who was the DC comic’s editor decided the character more tiresome. Dennis O Neil and Neal Adams have pitched some reinvention of the character of the story.

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